Wednesday, February 20, 2008

(JessFinds) My Secret Shame

I bought a dress today. It is so pretty and looks good on me - if I do say so myself. It is strawberry colored in eyelet fabric with an empire waist (highlight the good, y'all). And here is the secret shame: is was found in the maternity section. I know, I know. The SHAME! But it is so purty! I think I am going to tear out the label just so I can avoid my shame each time I wear it. 

I am sure I am not the first woman to poach from the maternity section, but it has been a full year since I had Baby Gonzo. And I am done with my baby-having. Shameful. 

I am not what one would call a petite woman by any stretch of the imagination, so finding any dress that looks nice deserves a victory lap in my opinion. I am a Viking. I love it when women wear dresses, I think there is power in dresses. Confidence. That said, I mostly feel like I am in drag when I wear a dress. A big viking drag queen. Even with these giant "girls" that my children have bestowed upon me. Shameful drag queen in a maternity dress. Hee. 

I have always been (with an exception to my "most overdressed" phase in college) been a classic Katie Hepburn gal. I love my pants, boots and blazers. Menswear for women. Ok, I am looking more like Ellen these days than Katherine Hepburn, but you get the idea. Ellen has her own hotness. I am throwing myself a bone here.

So, essentially I want to try out some sassy spring dresses without feeling like a gender bender. Wish me luck!  

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Anonymous said...

That's really funny! I don't wear dresses anymore mostly because it's SOOOO complicated to figure out stockings. And get them on.

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