Wednesday, February 27, 2008

(MarieFinds) Green Mountain Diapers

The people here are my friends. The Lawyer and I made the decision to go with cloth diapers. For me, it was always the only choice. He needed some convincing. Lots of convincing. I also didn't want to go with a diaper service. He couldn't get the image out of his head of boiling diapers on the stove top.

We are 13 months into it, and I have to say, it jut isn't that bad. We still don't use a service, and I do a few loads a week (2-3). Don't get me wrong, it can be a pain in the ass, but it seems worth it to me.

1. the average baby puts approx. 2 tons of diapers in the land fill.
2. Oh. My. God. Money. SSSOOOO much cheaper to do cloth.
3. I don't like the chemicals in disposables.

1. Scraping poop in to the toilet a few times a week.
2. Sometimes, I just don't feel like doing laundary.

1. Leaking at night has never been a problem.
2. using cloth diapers "out of the house" is a non-issue. No more of a hassle than changing a disposable.
3. you don't have to use pins anymore!

Here is what I don't get: retail stores no longer stock enough cloth diaper supplies. They are ALWAYS sold out of diaper covers, they only stock old-fashioned pins, and they are always sold out of the heavier cloth diapers that most people buy as burp cloths. I have to go online. The only retail location I know of that regularly has diaper covers is Segal's.

Seriously, I am convinced there is a conspiracy to make it harder to choose cloth diapers. Back to my original sentence. Green Mountain Diapers is great. I have ordered almost all of my current diaper stock from them. They also sell Snappies, which is a fabulous pin alternative. We are using old-school prefolds, but if you are less of a miser than I am, they now have fancy diapers that inlcude all in ones. Of course, they cost a lot more.

Rant over. I just had to order new supplies yesterday, and again, disgruntled that I have to order online. In the complete opposite of Jess, I find the need to order online indicitave of a failing in the local retail market. I would rather spend my money in person at a local store. Or even that circle of hell known as Babies R Us.

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