Thursday, February 7, 2008

(JessFinds) RayRay is here!

RayRay arrived last night - so excited to have her here. She is currently passed out on my bed with both of the girls watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on the Disney Channel. She is so pregnant and so cute. Miss Crab is wearing a headband with cat ears on it. 

I took care of Preacher's Valentine's Day present today and it is awesome. I wish I could post it here but he might read the blog and then the suprise would, well ... not be. I will post it as soon as the coast is clear because it is definitely worth sharing.

My living room is completely painted in Sunporch (Behr Eggshell). It looks mah-va-lous. We have exposed dark beams and it looks Iberian inspired now - like a Spanish wine bodega. Warm and welcoming.  The ceiling is painted in the same color and it just makes the room pop. Looks fantastic.  It is a really big room with a tiled floor. The tiles are greyish but with the warm color on the wall it makes the tiles look far less cold. We need a big rug (especially with Baby Gonzo learning to walk and Miss Crab sharing my klutz gene). 

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