Monday, February 4, 2008

(JessFinds) Post Secret

I am so far behind the cool-o-meter but I was just turned on to Post Secret. It has a great story, but essentially you write down your darkest secret on a postcard and send it to an address. No identifiers. Just your secret. The postcards themselves have become works of art. Art installations have been done all over the place and the movement has spawned four volumes of published books. It is addictive! 

Send a 4x6 postcard to:

Post Secret is also a blog that will post the latest received secrets. You can go there for the details. It started out as a small movement (cards tucked in library books, etc...) but has turned in to a huge project.

The Post Secret Archive has a ton to read through. Warning -it has adult content. It does not appear to be directly affiliated with the actual Post Secret, but it has a lot of the same. 

The idea is to free your secret. Purge it. Let it out in to the world. It is amazing how many people have taken part.

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