Tuesday, January 22, 2008

JessFinds a splat-mat at Hanna Andersson

I have always been in love with the splat-mat and its various incarnations. Alas, I have never actually purchased one, preferring to admire from afar. It evokes a feeling of being a better mom. The kind of mom who actually protects her carpet from baby food spills, or gets down on the floor and does finger painting with her children. The kind of mom I would like to be if it were not for the fact that my life is chaos, I work too much and I find myself putting one child in front of the TV and the other in her exersaucer wheelie-go-round. If I were a full-time home mommy, I would have three or four splat mats in rotation. Or at least, I would like to think so!
That said, the gloom of winter has set in. It is something like -10 today.  The kind of day when you need to find the play-dough and let your 3 year old go nutso. 

I bought a splat-mat. I have longed for the super cool mexican oilcloth varieties but ended up with this "earth friendly" variety.  Or maybe I should say my mom bought it - it was with the HA gift card when returns from Christmas got messed up. 

I found mine at Hanna Andersson and it is made by Mimi the Sardine. It is a very girly-girl swirly pink.  Here is the description:

Let kids be kids—messy! Just put this practical mat/tablecloth under highchair or carseat or on the play table. The vibrant cotton fabric is treated with acrylic coating made through a special earth-friendly process in Sweden. The fabulous wipe-away surface lasts and lasts. And unlike vinyl, this protective cover is completely waterbased and contains no chlorines. Wipe clean or machine wash. Generously sized at 36” x 46”.

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