Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Battling Go Daddy / Disney

So I am still trying to get the new URL connection with the blog. Driving me nuts. It was supposed to be easy but blogger does not recognize the URL ... Grrr. I won't bother you with it, but needless to say it is wasting my time.

I am getting so excited about my trip to Disney World (Evil Empire). It will be so much fun for Miss. Crab. I need to buy the tickets today or tomorrow. Hey - speaking of a Jess Find - I am buying the tix through a company called Know Before U Go. You can get a 5 day "park hopper" pass for the price of 3 days. It is the best deal out there. I checked around, did better business bureau research etc... They are legit. 

I also bought a AAA Diamond Lot parking pass via eBay. They are free when you buy your tix through AAA, but AAA did not have a very good price for 3-5 days of tix. We are saving well over $150 per person by going with this Know Before U Go site. So it is worth a one time $45 eBay price. It puts our vehicle right up front near the main entrance. So great if you have a stroller or kids that might have a mental breakdown and need the Happiest Break on Earth. You still need to pay the daily parking rate, but you get the elite VIP status of being able to strut up to the gate like no big thang. Instead of pouring out of a shuttle bus and tripping over your gear (and tourists). 

Those are my big finds thus far. 

I found some great suggestions from other mom's online. Man, some people take this Disney Vacation thing as a profession. One of the better suggestions was to give Miss Crab her own disposable camera so she can snap her own shots. Excellent for while in line and to redirect bad attitudes. Another suggestion I heard was to stock up on glow sticks and such prior to going. That way you are not stuck at an evening parade or fireworks and feeling like the Worst Parent On Earth because you don't want to shell out $15 to a venddor for a 20 minute glow necklace.

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mlhirsch1 said...

Get this book: http://www.amazon.com/Unofficial-Guide-Disney-World-Guides/dp/0470089636/ref=pd_sim_b_img_4

We had the Disneyland version, and loved it for our trip there a few years ago. Gives some great itinerary options for different travel groups (i.e. those with small children in tow) and how to beat crowds to the peak attractions.