Thursday, January 24, 2008

Big Foot

Miss Crab wears a size 9 shoe. Sigh. It seems like just moments ago she was tripping about in a size 3. Sigh.

Took her shoe shopping today because her favorite light-up Stride Rites were starting to blister her feet. Ended up going with Sketchers. At some point I want to hook her up with some old school Chuck Taylor high tops. Her Uncle got her some a while back -- they were so cute (oh man, I think they were a size 3...). 

The light-up thing is very important. The little boy who made the Stock Market comment (below) wears light up shoes. They have this in common. That makes them friends. If only life was so simple for adults.

This size 9 realization meant I had to clean out her Marcosian shoe collection. Boy do I have a bunch to donate, save for Baby Gonzo or eBay. That girl loves shoes. I blame Auntie La-La in Texas. She got Miss Crab hooked on the shoes EARLY.

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Auntie Ree said...

Oh, man.... My P.Lou is a damned clothes horse. She is in 80s / 18month sizes, and I can no longer fit all of her clothes in her dresser. I of course blame Auntie Lola. I need to weed through all her clothes and box up more of them. I have a ton of boxes in the garage for mythcial baby two.