Wednesday, September 29, 2010

[JessFinds] Zoobies

 I am on Team Zoobie.


A few months back, we recieved two Zoobie animals (Koko the Croc and Raj the Tiger). Miss Crab and Koko partnered up. Gonzo chose Raj.

Any child facing airline travel as the - gasp - holidays approach? Keep this in the back of your parent travel arsenal. The animals are soft and cuddly, easy for my 3.5 and 6 to carry through airports. They function as cozy travel pillows with the added bonus of a soft fleece blanket inside the animal that can be removed and re-stuffed easily.

Without fail, every child we encountered in airports pointed and yelled "PILLOW PETS!!" which just shows how effective that TV commercial is AND how susceptible kids are to advertising! We did encounter a few Pillow Pets on our travels, but my girls were standouts with their Zoobies. And they educated every child (and adult) on how theirs was special along the way. My little marketers.

The big difference? Zoobies have the blanket. Pillow Pets do not have a blanket inside.  Zoobies also look like "normal" stuffed animals, not like folded in half pillows.

We were out of town for about two months and were staying with various - tolerant - friends and family during our travels. These functioned as insta-beds for my kids as well as soft companions for all of the car and plane travel. We even saw a few being sold in the various airports we passed through, so travelers are on to the idea. Me? I. Will. Do. Anything. To. Keep. My. Kids. Behaving. On. A. Plane.

I am also a fan of any product that serves multiple purposes. There is a huge selection to choose from on their site. I have not encountered any discount codes or giveaways of late but a friend suggested I contact the company to see if they would be willing to do a giveaway for

Disclaimer: I did not recieve any compensation or free products for this review.

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Annie H.

I am in love with "OLIVIA", and she would be a special gift to give to a soon to be mom! I happen to know one and she would be thrilled to receive "OLIVIA" !!!