Wednesday, September 15, 2010

[JessFinds] Fall / Winter Crave List - 2010


It is that time again! I only do this because (a) it is fun to have a curated list of things that make me swoony and (b) you, fair readers, keep asking me to (thanks!).

I hear that a job is the latest in luxury accessories, so I am thinking that I would like to get my name on a waiting list for one of these employmentish joby thingies.

I am really craving blazers - nice lined wool blazers. I think gray is my go-to but I like this in the Antique Rose and Mink colors as well. Via Eddie Bauer.

I think that the Dooney & Burke Allweather bags from the 80's are endlessly preppy-chic for fall - especially when done in cream and tan leather, like saddlebags. I scored a $20 bag from a vintage shop and I plan to use it for the rest of my life. But I still have a soft spot for Harris Tweed and Fall always makes me think of the tweeds! PeskyCatDesigns has nailed it on Etsy.

Pine Cone Chic! Last year I lusted after the infinity scarf (which I still adore) but this year, I want to snuggle with a pine cone: via Circular Accessories.

Last year, I got my Frye boots for Christmas. Unfortunately, they were too tight - apparently I wear an 11 in Frye styles. I am 5ft 10in so back off about the big feet. They did not have the boots I wanted in stock, and so everything was canceled out and returned. A little part of me died. This year, I have my eyes on you Frye Engineer in Burnt Red. Yeah, I am lookin' at you.

 It is hard not to love Oregon in all of it's soggy green goodness.  I tree Oregon. I really do. This little number and it's adorable friend (I Pine For Oregon) are both at CafePress.

 In an effort to dress up some of the things I already own, I am awfully fond of these ruffled flower fabric brooches that can go from t-shirt to button-down to belt loop. I want a pile of them in various colors. As usual, these are an Esty find.  I think I need to learn how to make them...

My hubby got an iPad. Me? I got JEALOUS. It is so fantastic. I don't need one, but I really, really (really) want one. I call it "precious" and steal his frequently.

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Pesky Cat Designs said...

Thanks for featuring my Harris Tweed bag with all your beautiful fall finds! They would all make an awesome outfit as well!