Monday, April 12, 2010

[JessFinds] Monday Meal Planning


Here is my first menu plan ever. Seriously. I have attempted it in the past, but have failed miserably. My new dietician has mandated that I get my OCD on and start planning. One of the best tips I read on Menu Planning was to theme the days, it makes planning the food easier. Build in the flexibility to swap out nights. For dinners that keep well, plan those as take-to-work lunches for the next day.

Monday: Salmon w/ Spinach Stuffing, Sweet Petite Peas & Rice
Freezer Monday- Salmon is frozen from Trader Joes, easy to sautee in a pan.
- Note: SUPER good! Will definitely buy these again from TJ's.

Tuesday: Shrimp Enchiladas from the latest issue of Real Simple Magazine (see photo below)
Try New Recipe Tuesday - Recipe for spicy shrimp, whole wheat tortillas w/ avacado & queso fresco

Wednesday: Baked Potatoes & Chopped Salad
Easy Wednesday - MIL home for dinner, nothing fancy. Good for lunch leftovers.

Thursday: Dinner out with The Preacher
Out on the Town Thursday! Still researching where to go...

Friday: Taco Night!
Tacos / Tostadas/ Taco Salad with "smeat" (Smart Ground) and all the trimmings.

Saturday: Naan Pizzas
Build-Your-Own Saturday. Fresh Mozz, Basil, Tomatoes, Artichokes, Spinach, Pepperoni & Cheese for the kids - piled up on Naan bread and baked.

Sunday:  Mushroom Stronganoff* and Chopped Salad
Comfort Sunday. Cozy food to start the week w/ leftovers for lunch.

* Boil noodles (I use whole grain egg noodles) according to package directions. Can also be served over rice. Sautee one large thinly sliced yellow onion in some butter or, in my case, Smart Balance. Once carmelized, add 1 package of sliced button mushrooms. Once softened, add in one can of reduced / fat free Cream of Mushroom soup + 1/2 a can of skim milk. Teas+ of Worchestershire Sauce, Freshly ground black pepper (to your taste), 1/4 teas cayenne pepper,  dash+ of Tobasco or other hot sauce. Meld seasonings. Add mixture to noodles, stir in 1/2 cup of reduced fat sour cream.
What about you?

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Marie said...

Really? You don't mealplan? Somehow I'm flabbergasted about this. I don't do it always, but I definitely do it when we're either particularly strapped for cash or when i am feeling like kickstarting healthier eating.

This week I made a big-ass ham and mid-sized pan of scalloped potatotes. Tonight we will have straight up leftovers. Tuesday, probably a quiche. For wednesday, ham sandwhiches. Thursday a pot of split pea soup.