Saturday, March 13, 2010

[JessFinds] Some of my favorite sites and blogs...

A dear friend has started a momtrepreneur project that I encourage you to support! Check out Miss Holly Dolly, boutique handcrafted headbands that will knock the socks off of any young girl. Adorable to the point of gritting your teeth. Incredibly reasonably priced (most in the $12 to $15 range).

I am going to set up the blog / site list again - not sure what happened to it when I switched the site format for

In the meantime - this is what keeps me tickled (in no particular order). Marie? Have any you would like to add? How about our readers? Suggestions?

Oh Dee Doh - The sub-site of Apartment Therapy that covers all things about living with taste, style and function ... with kids. - 'nuff said.

Minor Details  - simple, beautiful brilliant posts about the things that inspire this designer of child spaces.

This Week For Dinner -  Jane shares a weekly menu each Sunday and her photography always makes me hungry.

Makes and Takes - Jane also guest blogs for this great site about crafting ... with kids.

Skip to My Lou - I can't tell you how awesome this site is. We modified our shrimp boil off of her original recipe.

Chasing Cheerios - A homeschool / montessori blog that I just find facinating to follow. I think because it highlights how very little I am doing for my own kids!

What I Wore - I just discovered this. I am not sure if I love her or openly detest her for being so fabulously confident in her outfit choices and ballsy enough to photograph them and put them out there for people like me to judge.

My Favorite Everything - I am in awe of this Orange County mom.

Make it and Love it - for everyone who thinks I am creative, THIS is creative.

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