Friday, February 19, 2010

{MarieFinds} Of 3rd Birthdays and Sun

Oh, the differences between Jess and I are vast. And yet, she is one of my dearest dearest friends. One of my great sorrows is that our girls are growing up 3000 miles apart.
That being said, Squirrel also just celebrated a 3rd birthday. Rather than a lavish themed affair with other children, we went to the beach. With our grown up friends. With food. And wine. And Squirrel and Baby Boy. God smiled on our decision and gave us a sunny almost summery weekend.
For her birthday all she wanted was, "pasta and broccoli, and a kite and a shovel and bucket and a guitar." She got all of that, and then some. Auntie Feather supplied most amazing bubble wands. I'll post more photos once my new computer is up to date and I download the photos from the camera.

Squirrel running in the surf with her Auntie Lala.

Baby Boy, enjoying the beach. Despite his expression. He continually bent over at the waist into downward dog, and licked the sand.

Squirrel doing what she loves best - painting on the deck of the rental house.

It was an amazing weekend ... and the sun is shining like crazy here today. I think we'll go to the zoo this weekend.

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