Thursday, February 18, 2010

[JessFinds] Party Prep -- Papering the Doors

I am starting to set up for the Alice in Wonderland themed party this weekend. Today we papered the French doors! Gonzo and Crab helped with the placement of all the papers.


The hat is a canvas hat from - The kids party craft will be to decorate their own "Mad Hat" at the Mad Hatter's Millinery. Roses are courtesy of my dad - he sent them to the girls for Valentine's day. Sweet. 

The full French Door effect-- this will be the room that the actual Mad Hatter Tea Party takes place.

A close up of one of the decorated panels. I glued clear gems and used photographic frames that are normally used in scrapbooking.


This is my favorite. We glued photographic embossed frames on to tin foil to create "looking glass" decorations. Alice needs her looking glass!

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Marie said...

i love these window decorations, btw. I would leave them up until my cat clawed them down...