Tuesday, October 6, 2009

[JessFinds] Toddlers in Tiaras

Gonzo has a healthy fascination with my makeup. Today, however, I was a little concerned. Here is our discussion as I was penciling in my eyebrows:

Me: "Oooh [Gonzo], you are such a cutie. Can you say 'I am beautiful' to yourself in the mirror?"

Gonzo: (in front of the mirror)"No mommy. I am not beautiful. I need makeup."

Whaaaa?? Great. It starts at 2 and a half. Just what I needed before my morning coffee! Now I realize this was just her ploy to get in to my gear and start playing around with the brushes and tools of the trade. But still, lets all hope those words are never uttered again.

I want my girls to be beautiful, strong and happy and not ever see a big difference between those things. But am I sending a strange message by being a slave to my own cosmetics bag? Those who know me know that I barely have enough time to swipe on mascara these days, but I still love the makeup. Oh do I ever. And I do not go to the grocery store without at least concealer under my eyes. I just don't have the same dedication I had years ago.

So here are the current contents of my go-to bag:

1. Benefit Cosmetics "Lemon Aid" eyelid primer (also great under eyes)
2. Maybelline Great Lash BIG mascara in black
3. Benefit Cosmetics "Dandelion" blusher
4. Revlon "Brow Fantasy" pencil and gel in dark blonde (for between wax & tints)
5. Almay "Smart Shade" concealer
6. Cover Girl "True Blend" foundation


Occasionally I use a nude lip liner and throw some gloss on, usually found at the bottom of my purse.

The Jess of her 20's had a freakin' train case of cosmetics -- probably when I needed them least! As a mom of two under the age of 6, there is no way I have time for major morning rituals.

I hope I am not setting a bad example by covering up my blemishes, but I really am a vain creature.

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