Wednesday, September 30, 2009

[JessFinds] Ooh! Dollies!

Oooh! Look what I brought home! My girlie-girl is Gonzo. She loves all the pink and fluff and sparkle. She also love trucks and pirates (like her sister). We call her Tankerbell frequently. In her, I get to live out my girlie side. The one I did not know I even had!

Last month, I stumbled upon this Gotz "Cookie" baby doll. Gonzo has a few hand-me down and worse-for-wear babies that Miss Crab stripped down and cruelly discarded. This doll is a fancy-pants German designed doll that retails for over $60. I found it at Home Goods for $16. I love Home Goods. I am a total doll snob. This both covers my doll snobbishness and my need for a good bargain.

Christmas is going to be a bit lean this year again, especially with me STILL blissfully unemployed. We started squirreling aside a few things for the holidays ahead of time.

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