Friday, August 21, 2009

[JessFinds] Mississippi? New England? All the same.

I am finding the lazy days of summer to not be so lazy or so summer-like.

It felt like summer just started around August 1st and suddenly it is back to school time and Halloween candy is in the stores. It rained through June and July. August has been muggy and hot. Still, we are cramming in the beach time and pretending that summer could possibly linger until November 1st.

A colleague of my husband's (a friend of ours from seminary) spent the week with with our godson in tow. We aimed for the quintessential New England experience with clam cakes, clam strips, clam shacks, lobster rolls and whole boiled lobsters. We logged time at the beach. We flopped in front of the air conditioning unit. We exhausted the children. But still, I feel like this summer was rushed.

On a totally different topic: This humidity is priceless as a beauty treatment. I am all glowy. I also have my version of a summer tan - pinkish with many freckles. I am built for Scotland's weather. I look like a dork at the beach with my big hat and my capri pants (and now a beach umbrella) but I keep telling myself I am going look fantastic at 65.

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