Friday, July 17, 2009

[JessFinds] Yep, still thunderstorms here

I have just returned from the gorgeous Pacific Northwest.

My highlights are as follows (in no particular order):

1. Marchel Foch from Kings Raven Winery

2. Micks use of a fire-hot cajun meat rub mixed with sugar on the rim of a strawberry margarita. Odd yet excellent.

3. Drifter Pale Ale from Widmer. This is new to me and really, really good on a hot summer day. Apparently the Red Hook Brewery in NH will be brewing it this summer and getting it on East Coast shelves. Lets hope so.

4. Coldplay. I know. Shocking. One of the best live concerts I have ever been to. Ever. They were fantastic live. Their energy was infectious. Go download their free CD on to your iPod.

5. No humidity. It rocked. I could breath without feeling like I had water on the lungs.

6. Guitar Band. Singing Hit Me With Your Best Shot (Benetar) and Thunderkiss 65 (Zombie) at the top of my lungs accompanied by Mandy on guitar and Mick on drums. I owe a public apology to an entire neighborhood.

7. Salmon. Ooodles and ooodles of salmon. The whole salmon bought at the local fish market, split and grilled that night. The bag of salmon candy. The side of salmon at a friends house. The side of salmon that showed up at my goodbye gathering. The overpriced smoked salmon I bought at the airport on the way home. And I was not even there in time for Copper River.

8. Babies. Ooodles of babies! I was able to love and squeeze the children of my besties and that was a huge gift in itself. I am a loyal, loyal dog when it comes to my girls. And I am hardwired to be madly in love with their children. It was so nice to play with the mini's and not have to wrangle my own at the same time.

9. Food. Dim sum, real mexican food, german spaetzle at the gasthous, salmon (see above) and people preparing wonderful meals for me at every turn. I have good people who have mad kitchen skills.

10. My inability to figure out how to use a digital key to unlock a star trek inspired bathroom.

11. Going to Fred Meyer's with wet hair and poorly applied makeup. Like a local.

12. Meeting Rosie, the newest four-legged canine addition to my mom and Chuck's managerie. She happened to adopt the family while I was there. Sweet girl.

13. My besties. Oh how I miss you. You are so good for my heart. And not just because the red wine is heavy-handed.

14. Getting to hang with my mom. We have not been able to do that in a long while. Usually I am running about, on everyone elses schedule. It was nice.


joie said...

I put ground chipotle and salt on the rim of my ritas. Mick does good says this TX girl.

So glad you had a good time. Can't wait to see you all soon!

Marie said...

I love me some Marechel Foch...