Sunday, June 14, 2009

[JessFinds] Great Finds for a 5 Year Old

I have written many articles over the years on age-appropriate gifts for kiddos. With my baby turning 5 in a few weeks, I thought I would do a round-up of the best things I have come across. Keeps with the theme of the blog AND helps grandparents mine out ideas for my red-headed whirlwind. Two birds - one stone.

Playmobil is the best. We have to hide it from Gonzo or supervise closely (she still likes to pop bits in her mouth). Miss Crab has two small Playmobil collections. Gardening & Pirates. Of course. Here are the themes we hope to add to our stockpile:
  • Garden Center (4480) by Playmobil is discontinued but can be found HERE
  • Wild West. I am dying to start collecting the Wild West sets as they are being discontinued as well. I just grit my teeth over the covered wagon and tepee.
  • Church. As I have blogged before, this will be in our collection. I tried to get it at 25% off a while back but the company I was going through was already out of stock. It is expensive and I have no idea where it will actually reside once in our possession. Miss Crab loves her daddy's occupation. The opportunity to pass out jeez-its and baptize babies is just too awesome. It is being packaged as a cutsie-girlie wedding set. She could care less about the wedding part. It was just released in April of this year but has been available in Europe for a while.

Along the lines of Playmobil is the idea of a playmat. Why are there no playmobile playmats being sold? I think this pirate playmat is a good start. It is large (3ft by 4ft) and durable.

A globe is a timely gift for a 5 year old. They start to understand the concept of the world being a much larger place than they originally thought. It is fun to talk about a place while pointing it out. It is never too early to spur an interest in travel and geography.

A growth chart would be a big hit with a 5 y.o. as well. They are still mastering the concept of age and size (sometimes confusing the two) and a tangible example of their growth is an educational tool that happens to double as wall art. Just found this adorable one at Etsy for $10! Note - just found out that Poppa has jumped on this for Crab's b-day, she is going to love it.

Bugs! Last year, my brother and Mandy sent the most fabulous Butterfly Garden. Huge hit. It could be a repeat hit. There is also a Ladybug Land (dome) that looks great.

Etsy... Ahhh Etsy. Here are some great finds:
1. A custom pirate pouch
2. Felt play cupcakes
3. A few of these playsilks for the dress up trunk
4. A custom Princess Leia hoodie (size 5)
Clothing - Size 5 (5T or size 4 little girls). My infatuation with Hanna's (size 100) continues but I do hold a candle for Tea Collection.

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