Tuesday, May 26, 2009

[JessFinds] Things I love

I love that a friend drops off a ton of girl clothing hand-me-downs and Gonzo picks out a giant fluffy pink princess nightgown with layers of chiffon (peignoir if you will) in a size 5 and deems it hers. She wears a 2, but that does not daunt her. She has paired it with rain boots and is insisting on wearing it today - to garden with her daddy.

I love that Crab is a blur of long red hair and long skinny legs. Sometimes she stops for a moment and you get a glimpse of big blue eyes. But mostly is it flying hair and legs. I remember being like that - all sharp and pointy and skinny (and uncoordinated and bruised). I love seeing myself in her.

I love when Crab runs, she can do so almost silently. Like a pixie.

I love that when Gonzo runs, it sounds like a barbarian invasion.

I love how both of my kids don't get the concept of hiding and will announce, from the hiding location, that they are indeed ... hiding. And then tell me to "forget" where they are hiding so I can then find them.

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Joie said...


Patrick does same with the hiding. He covers only his head with something and says he is hiding.