Wednesday, May 20, 2009

[JessFinds] Secret Shame: Admission #635

I love talking about secret shames. They crack me up. We all have them, some more than others. Currently, my bedroom is my secret shame.

I have a nice house. It needs some work, but mostly that is an issue of income and not of intention. It is big. Lots of space. We have plans ... lots and lots of plans. My husband and I are both HGTV devotees. We both have a pretty good sense of proportion and style. We know what we like and we tend to agree - most of the time - on what would work for our lifestyle.

We have always gone for a certain well-traveled eclectic chic. We have managed to combine traditional furniture and modern pieces in a way that looks comfy. You will find things from Thailand and Burma mixed with things from Portugal and Morocco. We love color and paint. I thoroughly enjoy interior decoration - get a big kick from it. I am drawn to British campaign furniture, Hemingway, global travels with a bit of sleek modern thrown in to keep it from looking like a movie set.

On any given day, I think most people would find my place pretty comfortable. They would find some kid clutter. I am a terrible housekeeper, but I try to keep the living spaces of our home in functioning shape.

So the person who made the above claims? She has a wreck of a bedroom. A beautifully painted, beautifully appointed wreck of a bedroom. Clothing everywhere. No organization. Cat hair. Piles of paper. Wreck. Total mess - I would never let anyone through my bedroom. It is awful. My giant secret shame.

It never gets done because (this is where I lay out the blame) I am trying to juggle the kids. If one is at school, and one is down for a nap ... cleaning the bedroom would wake up the one down for the nap. Her room is literally in the walk-in closet until she gets a bit older. If both kids are here, forget it. Nothing is getting done in my bedroom. They get in to everything or try to kill each other. If I just have my 2 year old, she can be entertained for 20 minutes watching cartoons on my bed. Then she gets bored and wants to get in to everything. I can't win! I need a babysitter just so I can clean my own bedroom.

Hmmm. Not a bad idea.

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