Thursday, April 9, 2009

[JessFinds] Peep.

Hi. Still here.

So funny, Marie must have been posting about the same time I was thinking of posting!

It has been quiet. Holy Week sucks the life out the room for clergy families. Preacher is living at church. I gave him a basket of food to get him through the tough spots. Hee. Maybe I will take a sleeping bag over there today.

I have been looking for work, cleaning up my resume, etc. I am torn a bit between finding "a job" and "the job." A part-time or a full-time. Economy is rough here - one of the worst in the nation.

Crab starts school this fall as a real Kindergarten kiddo. The program here is 1/2 day, 5 days a week. A big change from the full day, 3x per week program she is currently in for preschool! If I go full-time, then I will need to have both of my urchins in a daycare program. Gonzo full time and Crab half time. Expensive. Gah. It almost cancels out any income I bring in.

In the meantime (la-la-la-la!) it is beautiful outside! Sunshine. Birds singing. Children skipping. We spent the morning at a fantastic, fenced-in playground. I love it when the weather turns and the cabin-fever starts to drift off.

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Marie said...

You don't event want to know what I pay for daycare. I'm serious. I was having this conversation with someone yesterday... private school is no big whoop after funding two kids in fullt ime daycare. Frak me.