Sunday, March 29, 2009

[JessFinds] Back from SoCal

Miss Crab met Lightening McQueen.

I am back!! Miss me much? Did not even notice that I was gone? Eh?

Had a very nice week in SoCal. It was a mid-70's, sunshine, slight breeze and blue sky type of week. Faboosh (thanks Perez). I have not been there for the better part of a decade and let me tell you, SoCal looks good. Not a smoggish smudge in sight.

Nicholas Cage ran in to me at Fashion Island. He stopped, stared, smirked and walked on. I am famous like that. Why? Because I had a screaming, temper tantrum having almost 5-yo named Miss Crab slung over my hip getting a stern talkin'to on our way back to the car. Thank God I was very calm - he was probably just admiring my fine mothering skills. It could have been one of those K-Mart mom moments, but I was remarkably even-keeled. Me? Oh I just blitzed passed him. Did not give him a second look. Just focused on the Crab and her joining us back on Earth. My father watched it all go down and got quite a chuckle.

Fashion Island is an interesting place. It is not an island. It is a high end shopping complex, indoor/outdoor. The anchors are Bloomies, Neimens, Macys and a Nordstroms if I recall. Lots of little shops. I have an ex who was banned from there for till drilling. Something like 40 eateries. Strange to go their during a recession. It was s-l-o-w. I have been there when it is packed with people, it was a bit of a ghost town. They do have a Hanna Andersson. I got the matching leggings to one of the outfits that Auntie Joie bought Crab.

We had a chance to hang with Tommy Chong at Disneyland. That was a hoot. We were in line for Mr. Toad's Wild Ride (a classic) when my dad asked "who is that guy over there that everyone keeps taking pictures of?" Heather and I took a few seconds before both announcing "TOMMY CHONG!" My dad had a V-8 moment. We came out of the ride and my dad was all cozy with Mr. Chong. He was there with his wife and grandson. Nicest guy ever. Seriously. He was super gracious about all the attention, suprised that people were recognizing him. Dad made introductions after the teacups, since he and Tommy were now BFFs.

I was able to catch up with Heather and her eldest son Liam. That was fantastic. I miss her face. It was so nice seeing them. Liam is scary beautiful. Seriously. She could make a lot of money off of that kid. He has these giant eyes, a mop of curls, mocha skin and the widest perfect smile ever. Crab and Liam used to play together as babies. It was fun seeing them run around together, keeping the friendship going. They talked about Star Wars. Liam is cool. He is low key. He shrugs. Crab was enamored with her friend. Turns out, he was too. I am "his girlfriend's mom" according to his parents. Hee.

I saw Tony Hawk at Disney's California Adventure. That was more of a typical celeb spotting. They only reason I saw him was 2 employees flipped out and pointed.

My feet hurt and I am jetlagged but I have a boost of sunshine and a happy-go-lucky attitude that can only be contributed to drinking the Disney kool-aid.


Joie said...

Who are Tommy Chong and Tony Hawk?

JESS said...

Joie, your lack of pop culture reference never ceases to shock me!! Tommy Chong is famous for being of Cheech and Chong. His name is synonymous with marijuana. He is a legend. Tony Hawk is the crowned king of skateboarding. Also a legend. I linked out for both of those people - you should be able to click and learn to your hearts content.