Tuesday, February 3, 2009

[JessFinds] Playmobil RULES!

Many of my readers already know that I have a bit of a religious life, one that was sort of sprung on me when I was looking the other way. Preacher is, well, a preacher. Being a ministers wife comes with all sorts of fun responsibilities (namely: don't do anything to get husband defrocked).

In April of 2009, Playmobil is going to release their "wedding" themed line -- complete with fabulous church. Every priest in the Episcopal church is going to run out and buy one for their kids. Or for themselves. I know all Episcopal clergy members in the US and a few abroad and this is going to be HUGE. Ok, I jest, but from Facebook it certainly seems like it at times!

So before you think I am snarky, I need to clarify that I am actually very excited about this. I am already on the alert list from Playmobil for the April launch. Miss Crab may be getting this as her 5th birthday present. You can buy one on eBay right now (European release) but expect to pay 1/3 to 2/3 more than the $75 price tag.

Just think of the possibilities! Playmobil has hundreds of figures - you could fill your pews with pirates, knights and princesses or that guy that trims the hedge. Awesome. You could practice your sermon (over and over) and the congregation would never once yawn. You could hold a baptism! A U2charist! Hell, we can finally wed same-sex couples in miniature! It is just too cool a toy to pass up.

My favorite part? A noted absence of choir loft. (Oooh!) and the missing side of the church for escaping quickly after service -- avoid the glad-handing priest at the front door. He is just going to ask for money anyway.

Did ya notice the lack of religious frippery? None of that Anglo Catholic fluff like "crosses" to distract the parishioners. Ok. This part was snarky.

Paint that door red with some plastic paint and call it Saint Sumthin' because THAT my friends has Episcopal potential.

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Joie said...

When you get an alert, alert me or get it and I will send you the money.