Wednesday, February 25, 2009

[JessFinds] Ash Wednesday and Musings

And so starts the season of Lent. I did not attend any services today although Preacher held two services at the church. Bad church wife. Tiger. Stripes. Yeah.

The Monchhichi showed up in today's mail! It is even cuter than I remember. Oh so soft and cuddly.

So what am I doing to fill my unemployed days? Aside from raising the babes, I am filling my iPod with esoteric tunes. I have been walking, a lot, to club music. I have been on eBay getting sweet gadgets for said iPod. It inspires me to work on my "fitniss."

I have been cooking and doing some cleaning (I really hate cleaning and wish desperately that I could outsource that project).

Ooh, ooh! I know. I had my first impromptu guitar lesson. Admittedly it was something like three minutes and I had six mimosas in my system. But it counts, right? Wow. Remove the guitar lesson and this paragraph describes my Sophomore year of college.

So what should I give up for Lent? I like the idea of self denial. I am a natural born hedonist so I could probably benefit from some regulation. Maybe I should give up Facebook (riiiight) or stop coveting my neighbor's ass. Hey ... that one is in the bible and my neighbor has one sweet donkey. I already gave up meat 8 months ago, so don't even start eyballing my scotch or wine. Off limits. No touchie. This girl has so few vices left.


Joie said...

If I were there, I would help you clean. Sorry, it's just satisfying.

Marie said...

Hey Joie, wanna help me clean my house too? My place is WRECK right now.

I am giving up ice cream for lent. (and that includes milkshakes). I figure this might help me lose some baby weight. I just need to figure out if Burgerville smoothies count as ice cream. It's frozen yogurt, so that shouldn't count, right?