Saturday, January 3, 2009

[JessFinds] Muffy & Biff Weekend on the Cape

For pure kitchy value, I happen to own both of the famous tongue-in-cheek handbooks to defining cultural movements. They are great (err, "deck") and have a permanent place in my collection. The Preppy Handbook was entertaining when I picked it up in Seattle, but is a little scary as we are now living in the cradle of that civilization.

Preacher and I have discovered recently that we are outsiders. Seriously. We fundamentally do not belong and will not belong to this area, no matter how much we like it or adopt it.

In protest, I have linked the above images to Powells Books in Portland, Oregon. Powell's is a beacon for what can only be described as Portland Culture. A culture that should hold its own as a subject for a handbook. But, alas, once said handbook is written is probably means the death of that culture. And I would never want that to happen.

I once saw a man keel over at Powell's in the cafe and thought "that is not a bad way to go." I was 15. I still feel the same way.

I love that I was born with an innate ability to order the most complex coffee beverages on earth and that there is an entire barista culture that understands, no - propagates, the language. Preacher's current favorite: a tall decaf soy sugarfree hazlecarm latte. Take that Dunkin Donuts.

I love that I know what a Rubinator is. Or why Ellensburg is such a cool town. Or what to look for at Saturday Market and what is underneath each bridge. And wine bars -- wine bars! And why hiking and camping are so appealing. And alpine slopes. And real neighborhoods, with great identities.

I am a Douglas Fir.

Not to be confused with The Doug Fir (which I am sure is very cool in its own hipster way, I just have never been there myself).


Anne Marie said...

Could there be a connection between the preacher's stress level and this fish-out-of-water situation? I'm just sayin' cause it's pretty much how I feel here in NJ. I honestly don't get the appeal of the Northeast. Crappy weather AND rude people? No thanks. Helpful as I start to troll the clerical want ads...I can go south, or go west, I just need to get the hell out of here.

JESS said...

You have a point Anne Marie, The weather does not bother me as much as the entitlement (rudeness). I realize this is a generalization, but on the west coast, we seem to have a better self-edit. A sense of when it is appropriate to fall on ones sword. I have noticed that the NE contains a lot of folks willing to fall on their swords for any small infraction.

JESS said...

Although, they don't pay their clergy well in the west!!

Joie said...

I wasn't aware that clergy are paid well in the east.