Sunday, December 7, 2008

[JessFinds] We have snow!

It snowed. It stuck. I am happy.

My inner 3-year old goes nuts when it snows. Each time. I am a sucker for a good snowfall. We had a chance to play in the snow today with Jedi Boy, which made Crab very happy. Until she decided that she was mad at him and was: "Never, Ever, NEVER going to his house again" and she would NEVER even look at him if he was sitting next to her. Never.

She was slighted. And at 4 1/2, Crab lives in the land of absolutes. You are absolutely with her or you are absolutely against her. She gets that from me. What? You thought she got her stunning good looks from me? No, she gets her dictatorish ways. Off with their heads!

FYI, they have this BFF / Moral Enemy thing going on. Fortunately, most of today was in BFF land.

So now the wind is howling and it is super cold and icy. I am hiding from making dinner because I am cozy. Responsibility calls and I must feed these children.

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