Thursday, November 13, 2008

[JessFinds] She is ALIVE!!!

Ok, so I apparently did not cuss anyone out. Bummer! Would have made for a great story.

I am doing fine. Feel a bit like I was on the wrong end of a stampede. Surgery went well, nothing big to report other than they informed me I have sleep apnea (funny enough, I am already scheduled for a sleep study in early December). They kept me in the hospital for a few extra hours to make sure I was fully out of my anesthetic coma. Can't be sending a gal who snores home with anesthesia running willy-nilly through her system!

I actually feel much better than I thought I would. I will take it easy for a few days but I think this surgery was a really good idea. If it works and I avoid the hysterectomy, this was very worth it. I hope I am one of the lucky 50% who never menstruate again. That would be faboo.

So other than that, I am taking it easy. Drinking tea. Trying not to lift Gonzo (who of course wants to full body tackle me). Marie sent me a beautiful bouquet of "purty purple flowers" which was greatly appreciated (thank you thank you) and the parents of Jedi Boy came by with pizza to feed the kids after making sure Miss Crab was picked up from school. Good people I tell ya.

I am a little sad that I did not get a chance to use my joke about this being "awful extreme measures for a brazillian wax" when the doc came in the operating room. I was already in la-la land by the time she arrived.

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