Saturday, November 22, 2008

[JessFinds] Dear Santa

Dear Santa,

I know that we agreed not to exchange grown-up gifts this year, but if for some reason the people around me win the lotto or receive a large inheritance, the following goodies would not be returned to the store for credit:

Ipod Nano. Just something to plug in to my minivan (Aka: New Blue, Aka: Air Force 1) and play music.

Uggs - warm fuzzy Uggs. It's cold here. 17 degrees today. And we won't see warmth again until sometime in April or maybe May. Ugg Short Boot "Cove" in Tan or Brown OR Ugg Classic Mini in Tan or Brown. Size 10.

Wicked Good Slippers from Eddie Bauer - Size 10. For when I am not wearing the Uggs.

$100 gift certificate to Lands End so I can justify buying wool dress trousers in size unbelievable. This gift needs to be accompanied by a firm request that I not spend the certificate on the kids.

Oh, and Santa? I will be thrilled with my mortgage being paid off, my debts paid off, a job, my children's college fund fattened and maybe a stable economy to build back up my now anemic 401k? Seriously dude, I think my pension fund is under $3k. Yowch. I do appreciate the lower gas prices but if you have any influence on the cost of groceries, that would be great. I won't bother you with the weight loss wish as it is apparent you have no power in the realm of weight loss. And of course, World Peace.

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