Thursday, October 16, 2008

[JessFinds] Well, it was not a snooze fest!

I don't have time to shower let alone blog today but I needed to post something about last night's debate.

Wow. All of a sudden the gloves were off! So much for the civilized (albeit booooooring) debates! It was like a train wreck. I had work to do, but I could not stop watching. Neither could my Facebook cronies. There was live-blogging and CNN people-o-meters and status updates to accompany the debates. I could not look away.

I was wondering if McC would go to the bad place. And he did. I think Americans are so sick of the gross negativity. That CNN people-o-meter was hilarious. Every time a candidate went away from an issue and started to attack the other, the opinion dropped drastically. McC is in the downhill run and is seeing the ground slip away, he had two choices (or rather his people had two choices): He could either go out with dignity by sticking to the issues and being a gentleman or he could go out swinging and hope beyond hope that he does some damage along the way. Clearly the latter was chosen.

I wish BO did not spend so much time engaging McC on the attack ads. That was useless air time in my opinion. He could have just let McC look insane - everyone knows that the McCain Campaign ads are pumped up with McNegativity. Pot meet Kettle. For the most part it appears that Obama ads attack McCain's policy and record. McCain's ads attack Obama.

And Joe Plumber? If that was a drinking game I would have been plastered within the first five minutes of the debate.

I don't think Sen. McCain is a bad man. I think he is incredibly interesting and has served his country to the hilt. I, of course, disagree with him. This election season has seriously lowered my opinion of him across the board. I don't trust him. I don't find him presidential. I find him angry. And I find him old - the status quo. I don't mean that to be rude, I just don't see how he could possibly protect my children's interests and future. I find his judgment questionable: Sarah Palin? How can an extremely polarizing force of nature possibly be good for this country? How can he risk the office of the president on a nut-job like Palin?

I believe, firmly, that Senator Obama will be the next president. I think it will be a substantial win. I think this country needs it. We need something to get behind. We need a leader. More than that, we need a presidential leader. Even keeled, reasonable, rational and open to new ideas.

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