Sunday, October 5, 2008

[JessFinds] Marketing

So Miss Crab has this buddy, we'll call him Jedi, and we went to his parents home for a chili pot luck last night. It was really fun and they have a group of great friends. That said:

1. It is really nice to meet people that are our speed and it tells me we might be ok in this little town.

2. I really missed my friends. My loyal, funny, brilliant, sexy friends from all stages of my life. You guys are the best. I feel at my most loyal, funny, brilliant and sexy when I hang out with you. Boys and gals alike. I miss your faces.

3. I am getting too old to be loyal, funny, etc... and go through the getting-to-know you stage that feels like dating couples. Between work and life - I feel like I need a pamphlet to pass out with bulletin points.

If I had a pamphlet, what would it say?

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