Wednesday, October 29, 2008

[JessFinds] Fraking Yahoo

I spent a chunk of time today backing up all of my email addresses from Cox in to my yahoo account (the yahoo account that has been the same for over a decade and I will never shut it down). Apparently Yahoo then automatically emailed everyone and asked them if they wanted to be added to my Instant Message list. A bit presumptuous, yes? I may not want to have instant messaging with my former boss from a lifetime ago. I might want them for a reference, but on an IM list? I am thinking Yahoo needs to change that little feature.

Because I work online, my husband and Marie can catch up with me all day. Occasionally my ex-boyfriend / friend Xavier and I exchange hellos. Beyond that? Nada.

Oh well, I suppose it is better than hitting "reply all" on something shameful.

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