Wednesday, September 24, 2008

(MarieFinds) Mimicing Jess with lust list for my kid

It's a Play Dress in Ultimate / Island Blue, size 90
Skycolors Jean Skirt, size 90
Love to Twirl Dress in Teal, size 90
Organic Boxy Tee in Go Green / Berry Bloom size 80
Flowers for You Layered Tee in Blue Song size 80
Marshmallow Pullover in Teal, size 80 (we already have the lily pink version...)
Lettuce Edge Top in Chocolate Lab, size 80
Ribbon Trim Cords in Chocolate Lab, size 90 - i totally must have these.
Revserible Down Jacket in Berry Bloom Multi, size 90
Land's End Snow Flurry Boots, in red, size 6
Land's End Mary Janes, in both black patent and Berry, size 6

and so much more...

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