Wednesday, September 17, 2008

(MarieFinds) Her favorite part of the day

Laying in bed in the morning... with the Lawyer and Super Squirrel. The morning routine involves the Squirrel coming in to our room when she wakes up... both because it is fun and because it is practical. We are getting ready, and we need her to be where we can watch her. Many mornings, she wakes up earlier than we need to get up, so she comes in bed around 5:30 for some snuggles and a story. This morning, she actually got into bed with Daddy around 5 and went back to sleep. (I am on the couch right now... trying not to get the Lawyer sick, and I can sleep partially sitting up for better breathing.) I went back there about 6:30 and she was still sound asleep. She woke up smiling... and then asked for Puppy and Bear, who got left behind in the crib in the other room. Her book this morning was about zoo animals. She calls monkeys "ooo ooo". Isn't that just the cutest thing? And lions aren't lions... they are "ROAR!" Hee.

That's enough to make your day, even when you do still feel like crap.

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