Sunday, September 21, 2008

[JessFinds] No flippin way

Nothing has made me laugh harder than being a mom. I know that my children were not put on Earth for my personal amusement, but it is a wonderful fringe benefit of raising them. Since I am getting all sappy about Miss Crab (see previous post) I thought I would use this opportunity to highlight a few highlights of having a newborn.

Some memories are meant for sharing. Or maybe not. But overshare is what I do. One of my favorite memories of Miss Crab when she was an itty bitty new baby (maybe six weeks old here). We went to visit CC and John - it was our first road trip with her. So this would have been in 2004. Daddy whipped out a camera -- Baby Crab whipped out her middle finger. Like mother, like daughter.

And here we had the opportunity to photograph Baby Crab as a Portuguese fisherman. What? That is not normal?

And nothing says love more than using your child as an accessory - a Halloween prop. She looks thrilled in this picture. It was actually the face she made all night long. Screeching parrot.

And now Miss Crab is 4 and Baby Gonzo is 19 months and I find myself getting all mushy over newborns all over again. But that is why I have friends! They can have more squishy sleepy sweet little bundles and I can ooh and ahh. I am done. I have my hands full with my two perfectly well adjusted girls. I like to think that all of the humor we imposed upon them (err, subjected them to) has rubbed off. They are both hilarious and make me laugh till I cry.

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