Sunday, September 7, 2008

[JessFinds] I meme you. You must oblige.

Twenty Five Things About Jess

1. I have a memory of a pink house in Piedmont, California - a big dark room and a vaporizer with that classic Vicks Mentholatum smell and my mom wearing a bandanna in her hair. I must have been 12 months old? Oh, I am a native Californian. My husband won't let me forget that.

2. As a child, I would enter the room announcing "Presenting ... Jessica!" and I have not changed much.

3. I love shoes. I own at least 45 pairs of shoes and yet I wear the same 4 in rotation on end.

4. My middle name is Erin. I like it.

5. My favorite color is currently yellow but happens to change with my moods.

6. I have a thing for the Weather Channel.

7. I am fiercely loyal. Ask my friends.

8. I am a little sad that I won't be having any more babies. I don't mind my stretch marks.

9. I am an Aries cusp and while I don't "put much stock" in it, I like to think I was born 2 weeks late because I was determined to be an Aries.

10. I was hired as a go-go dancer at a club in San Francisco on my 21st birthday. I turned down the job offer and now can't even remember the name of the club.

11. I turned 27 in a Berber tent in the Sahara Desert.

12. I discovered I was pregnant with Miss Crab when a co-worker said "Hey, do you think your hearburn could mean you are pregnant? Let's go buy a test on our lunch break." That was November 3rd, 2003.

13. My husband "high-fived" me when I told him about said pregnancy (see above).

14. I launched my 1979 Volvo sedan off a cliff when I was 17 years old. I rolled it 3 times and it landed upright in a wetland. I walked away. Hence the name: Rollvo. I was not drinking.

15. My husband thinks I am psychic but I am just really, really smart. Hee. Actually, I am just really intuitive and a bit of an empath with other's emotions. My eldest daughter is too.

17. I have hit a few of my top ten travel wishes, but I am currently obsessed with Cambodia. I want to see the wats.

18. I tend to live in the now. Not a big fan of regrets. Including my dumb tattoo.

19. I think I might have been Jimmy Buffet in another life. If that was possible. I like seaplanes but have terrible eyesight

2o. I have a girl crush on Angelina Jolie.

21. I am really frustrated by all of my strange medical conditions that have decided to visit me in the mid-30's. Feel a bit freakish, like I am no longer in control of my own body.

22. I think Starship Troopers is one of the best movies EVER made. I have my reasons. I also have Henry V and Citizen Kane in my top 5, so cut me a little slack.

23. Chow Yun Fat is still my Secret International Superstar Boyfriend. So he is 53. Big deal.

24. I call my mom every day.

25. I always thought that my biggest life achievement would be measured by my career successes but it turns out that my biggest life achievements are walking around with my eyes and my attitude.

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