Thursday, September 25, 2008

[JessFinds] I could not decide between these photos

In this one, she looks manic.

And in this one, she posed herself.

Miss Crab's preschool is decorating their room with scarecrows - each kid is supposed to bring in a scarecrow. We like to do things big here at the Parsonage so she has a life sized replica of herself. Yeah, that's a white pumpkin for her head. Whazzup? I rock my inner Martha once in a while.

That damn green chair is on Craigslist for the umteenth time. We have a potential buyer coming by tonight at 6 (please take it, please take it). We bought it for Miss Crab's room when we lived in the Curate's Cottage but there is no room for it in our current home.

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Anonymous said...

so darn cute.