Saturday, September 13, 2008

[JessFinds] I am now it.

I have been tagged (memed) by my faboo friend Sarah of So I Married a Priest...

A meme or tag is simple, you are mentioned in the post and thereby obligated by powers greater than those in our known universe to propagate the post by recreating it / answering it on your own blog. Ok, so some think of it as a chain letter. Or a virus. Or a viral chain letter.

3 Joys:
1. Fall. I love Fall. Sweater weather.
2. The feeling I get after buying cosmetics: Hope.
3. My girls piled in my bed, asleep (or watching cartoons, or reading books).

3 Fears:
1. Airplanes dropping out of the sky. Worse: me in said airplane.
2. Sp...sp...spiders. Shudder.
3. Something might happen in the big bad world to my kids or husband.

3 Obsessions/Collections:

1. This political season.
2. Travel. Anywhere.
3. Nick Bantock signed first editions.

3 Surprising facts:

1. I have used both German drinking songs and the unofficial Scottish National Anthem (I am of the Flower of Scotland camp) to lull my kids to sleep.
2. Both of my "pinky" toes are double-jointed and can move independently.
3. I once had black hair with blue highlights and I looked like Japanese Anime.

I tag Marie and Joie.

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Marie said...

um, jess? I don't even know what this means...