Wednesday, August 20, 2008

[JessFinds] Dolls. Hee.

A few years ago, my mom gave Lotta to Miss Crab. Lotta is made by Haba (a great German company) and is adorable. This line of dolls actually has boy and multi-cultural dolls too. She is about a 15 inch plush. Safe for the 18 month and up set. Well constructed. Easy to dress. She is definitely one of my favorites. Plus, she has red hair and blue eyes! A rarity. Most red-headed dolls on the market, with the exception of Disney's Ariel, have green eyes.

Lotta now has a baby sister named Nelly and she looks like Baby Gonzo! I need to get my hands on one. All the sites I have checked out show Nelly out of stock. Nelly is a 12 inch doll. So Nelly is on my tickle-list for Gonzo. And the best part is: Gonzo loves baby dolls. She will love Nelly silly as soon as I can find one.

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