Tuesday, July 1, 2008

(MarieFinds) She loves Canadialand

Mmm... we just spent 5 lovely days in Vancouver (a long day's drive from my PNW town). The Lawyer had a conference, so the Squirrel and I tagged along. 80 degree weather, Stanley Park and all the Poutine a pregnant lady can eat. Mmmm...

The Lawyer was in Island boy heaven... they have honest-to-God Ramen houses there. It was HYSTERICAL watching the squirrel eat her ramen. She was literally picking up the bowl and drinking from it. Other diners were highly entertained. She also loves poutine, but then who doesn't??

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JESS said...

I totally clicked on that link - sounds like heaven. I have NEVER heard of putine before! How did I spend so much time in Cananda and miss it?