Thursday, July 3, 2008

[JessFinds] Hypoallergenic means?

I am still sick (blech) but also sick of being inside. It is a nice day so I throw down some ibuprofin and convince myself that I can brave the outside world. So we take the kids out for a nice sunny day. I slather on the hypoallergenic "kids" sunscreen (SPF 50) and about 30 minutes later I am admiring the brown bears at the local zoo when I notice that Baby Gonzo's eye is swelling shut and her face is covered in a red prickly rash. Her nose is bright red and running... Whaaa? Emergency room visit -- that is right, the second ER visit in a week!

So I am told that we did the right thing bringing her in. They got Benedryl in her and waited to see the swelling subside. Poor baby. I am not to put any of "that" sunscreen on her again (Coppertone Baby -- the stuff in the pink bottles). In the meantime I guess Gonzo will be wearing a big hat.

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