Thursday, February 28, 2008

(MarieFinds) Slipped Ribs and Disks

Gah. Seriously. I bent over yesterday to pick up a clump of dog fur off my floor. I didn't make it all the way down without squealing in pain.

The massage therapist I went to yesterday diagnosed two slipped ribs and a slipped vertabret. That may explain it.

It hurts to type, so this will be short... it hurts to breathe... it hurts to drink tea... it hurts to wipe my nose and pull my pants up.

I am not a weenie. I went through unmedicated childbirth. This fracking sucks.

Looks like I am signing up for my first chiropractic appointment ever. Gah. Again. Ouch.


JESS said...

Frackin' weenie.
Actually, I am a huge fan of certain chiropractic practices. Just make sure you go to someone recommended. I wish I could send you my go-to-pyrocracker (Miss Crab's word).

Anonymous said...

I so feel your pain. I have had the flu for two weeks and coughed my way into a ripped back muscle. Please...if you can...take pharmaceuticals. Do it for poor pregnant me! Tylenol sucks. Rayray