Monday, February 18, 2008

(Jess Finds) Foot Pain

I am supposed to be paying bills (blech). I will write for a while to motivate myself to take on the task of emptying my checking account.

So here is something: I fell on the ice in early December. A bad, classic Jessica spill. All 5ft 10 of me fighting gravity. One for the annals of history - outside of a Chinese restaurant of course.  One of those types of falls that involves concrete steps and a spouse cringing and yelling "Nooooooo-oooo" in slow motion and then yelling "Noooo-ooooo" again when I caught my tailbone on the metal railing while trying to stand up. I still have scars from where my pants and my body decided to marry.

Here I am in February and gee darn, my left foot really hurts. Funny, it has hurt really bad since I ... Oh yeah. Fell on the ice. 

There is nothing anyone can do when you break a toe. And I have broken many in the past. I am a pro at it. I think this one has not set correctly. But I am 3 weeks shy of a vacation in Orlando. And what do you do in Disney World? Walk. A lot. An estimated 13 miles per day. It is a fabulous workout. Some people actually train in advance. I am about ready to spring for some seriously fugly orthotics just so I can keep up. 

The last time I went to Disney World was 9 years ago. About a week prior to our departure I fell down a flight of concrete steps. I thought it best to save the bottle of wine I was carrying rather than save myself. Don't laugh, I would probably make the same decision now. Wine people. I sprained both ankles and went on my vacation with 2 air casts and more than a bruised ego. 

Is it just me? Is it Disney? Is it fated that I will always be a gimp at the Happiest Place on Earth? Maybe I should rent the Happiest Wheelchair on Earth in advance. 

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